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March 26, 2008

APESH!T "Wa-Hoo" screening at the American Cinematheque
at the world famous Egyptian Theater on Wednesday, April 23 at 7:30 pm.

Wednesday, April 23 – 7:30 PM

In Collaboration with AWN ( Animation World Network ) & ASIFA


With the Oscars bringing attention to animated short films, we bring you a wide range of animated shorts that are funny, sad, beautiful and awe-inspiring. And in the spirit of Film Noir month, we have several shorts that will intrigue fans of the genre. Several of the filmmakers will appear for an in-person discussion.

Alessandro Ceglia's "Intruder" ( USA , 3 min). The eerie tale of one woman's paranoia. Justine Kerrigan's "The Girl Who Swallowed Bees" ( Australia , 3 min). Beautiful, magical, darkly humorous short about a girl who finds herself at the end of her rope. Joe Tucker's "For the Love of God" ( UK , 11 min). Christian and his mother both love God in very different ways! Trev Jimenez's "Key Lime Pie" ( Canada , 3 min). In this spin on the noir genre, a man's obsession with key lime pie brings him to the brink of insanity. Michael Robinson's "Joshua His Tree" ( USA , 6 min). A depiction of Joshua Tree National Park as it evolves over millions of years. Juan Pablo Zaramella's "Lapsus" ( Argentina , 4 min). A curious nun ventures into the darker side of her animated world. Rune Christensen's "Down the Road" ( Denmark , 15 min). A dark thriller that pits a preacher against a hitchhiker. J. Zachary Pike's "The Toll" ( USA , 8 min). A mockumentary about the work of a troll. Luis Cook's "The Pearce Sisters" ( UK , 10 min). From Aardman Animation ("Wallace and Gromit"), this BAFTA Award winner concerns two sisters and their competition over a man. Bob Ray's "Apeshit Wa-Hoo" ( USA , 5 min). Exciting tale of a foul-mouthed monkeynaut and the hillbilly clerk who go on a wild chase. Bill Plympton's "Shut-Eye Hotel" ( USA , 7 min). From the award-winning director of "Guard Dog" comes the tale of gruesome murders that lead to an unusual stakeout. Zeth Willie's "The Needful Head" ( USA , 5 min). Absurd, funny tale about…well…the needful head!

Discussion to follow with filmmakers Alessandro Ceglia ("Intruder"), Bob Ray ("Apeshit Wa-Hoo") and Michael Robinson ("Joshua His Tree"). Program compiled by Andrew P. Crane


March 8, 2008

APESH!T "Butter Face" is LIVE! Go to the homepage and follow the link to peep it.

And while your peepers are peeping, peep this still from the in-the-works episode "Pecker-pine"


March 7, 2008

New APESH!T episode “Butter Face” now online

The new APESH!T's here!

The new APESH!T's here!

That's right folks, the brand spanking new episode of APESH!T is LIVE. The episode is called “Butter Face.”

In the tradition of the great American road movie, Butter Face takes you on an epic journey of discovery. That is, if you think a monkey, a rabbit and two humans shooting the bull as they tear ass across the American southwest in a kick ass '71 Superbird is classic Americana … oh yeah, add a butter face, a Cleveland steamer, a Uranus flytrap and a dash of sexual confusion. Go America !

So swing by the site and watch it:

APESH!T “Wa-Hoo” at SXSW on Saturday, March 8 at the Hideout

And remember the original APESH!T? You know, the “Wa-Hoo” episode. Well that lil' gem is screening at the SXSW Film Festival on Saturday. The screening is part of the Austin Film Society's Member Showcase. Info can be found here:


March 3, 2008

Get SH!T-faced with us on Friday!!!

New APESH!T on Friday, March 7!!!! We've finished the "Butter Face" and it will go LIVE on Friday, so check back with us soon!

And scope the still from the "Pecker-pine" episode we're working on:


February 29, 2008

You've probably seen the “Wa-Hoo” episode a million times, right? (If you have seen it less than a million times, you can see it at .) Maybe you saw APESH!T “Butter Face” at the Alamo and you wanna giggle at that one some more. Share it with your buds online, right? Well, we're damn near about to get ready to comply!

The most recent word from mysterious APESH!T animation kingpin RyPar is that the “Butter Face” episode will be ready to go live on in a few days. AND the “Pecker-pine” episode should come down the pike in another week or so… probably so. Yeah, I'd go with so.

We're screening APESH!T "Wa-Hoo" as part of the SXSW Austin Film Society Member Showcase
Saturday, March 8, 2008 at 8:00 pm
The Hideout Theater
617 Congress Ave
Austin , TX 78701
(512) 443-3688

APESH!T in LA soon!
Oh yeah, come April, look for some APESH!T at the American Cinematheque in Los Angeles . That's right, you heard proper. The APESH!T “Wa-Hoo” will be screening as part of an animated selection of kick-assery! I'll get y'all all the details as they trickle in, eh?


February 13, 2008

Aside from the night where two of the APESH!T all-star voice actors got jumped by a herd of boob-deprived, Mardis Gras-mad drunken frat boys, the Spike and Mike's screening at the Alamo was asmashing success. And mind you, it was not at the Alamo where said tiny-peckered frats decided to get all punchy, it was at a nearby bar. The fracas (in hindsight) is kinda quaint now… Anyway, we all escaped un-date-raped, and reletively unscathed (or was it the other way around?) so I suppose all is fine with the world.

The screenings? Oh, they were great! The audiences were fantastic! Giggles galore! And Drafthouse Henri? Yeah, he hosted the event and that's one funny-ass mofo. Thanks Henri, Tim, Zach and all the gang at the Alamo Drafthouse who made us feel right at home (double-dildo tug-o-war anyone? …ahhh, home…).

Did I hear a “Butter Face” or a “Pecker-pine?” Yes I did. And we're dang-near finished and ready to plaster the web with those trailers that the Alamo is screening. I'll keep ya posted on when that SH!T hits the fan.


February 5, 2008

You again?

Well, since you're already here you might as well hang around and check out these pics from the "Butter Face" trailer.


January 27, 2008

Hello my lovely APE-hangers,


Starting Friday, February 1st the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema at the Ritz in Austin, Texas will screen trailers for the APESH!T movie (in theaters this fall!) in front of various films. The first trailer, "Butter Face" will kick off in front of Spike and Mike's Sick & Twisted Animation Festival on Friday, February 1st and will run through the 10th. The APESH!T "Pecker-pine" trailer will follow shortly after.

On Friday, February 1st and Saturday, February 2nd, APESH!T writer/director Bob Ray will introduce the show (the two late shows each night)!

For more information, check out the Alamo Drafthouse page here:

In addition to the trailers, we have some full-length episodes in the cooker: The APESH!T episode "Fart, Genie in a Bottle" is currently in the works, "Spring Break One Off" is about to get the storyboard treatment, and "Monkey in the Crime Machine" is on deck.

We've been busy as SH!T around here.


January 24, 2008

Hello SH!T-for-brains,

Good day to you. Please dig these storyboards from "Fart, Genie in a Bottle." They were drawn by Bob Ray and will be replaced by super-cool Ryan Parker art when completed.

These storyboards are from "Butter Face" (more on that soon).

These storyboards are from "Pecker-pine" (more on that soon).


January 6, 2008

Hey SH!T lovers,

Sorry for not calling sooner, but we've been kinda busy over at the APESH!T global HQ. It's not cuz we didn't wanna talk to you… It's just that all our time was consumed with cooking up some funny for you. I hope you're doing well. How's the family? Okay, enough with the family already! Lets talk about me.

First off is a secret, so I speak in jibber-jabber code: We have a pair of sneaky dingle-berries getting steamy in the cooker. When the itty-bitty little clingers pop-out, we'll serve you up a pile. It's all a hush-hush for now, so say no more.

Sneaky SH!T aside, we have some episodes being worked on right now! Right f#cking now!!! Way back in October of ought-seven, we recorded three full ape-isodes and two li'l super-short giggle-grenades (those secrets I keep dropping hints about). I know, I know, it's great! I can't believe I haven't told you already! I'm blowing my own mind even talking about it! Gush!

It was a weekend-long recording gang-bang that had me laughing my ass off. Good, clean American fun, it was. My jaw hurt for days! …and not from the dick sucking… it hurt from laughing my ass off for hours on end.

First off, we'll whip the two lil' nut-crackers into shape (and no, that is not a masturbation reference). The audio tracks have been edited, the sound effects dropped in and the storyboards are complete. Now good ol' Ryan Parker will animate the hell out of it and wah-la: APESH!Ts.

The same sorta thing happens with the episodes. And we got three of em: "Fart, Genie in a Bottle,” “Monkey in the Crime Machine,” and “Spring Break One Off.”

We're working as fast as we can so don't go all holding your breath and getting red-faced on us like a little pecker-head.

Hugs and SH!T,

Team APE


July 9, 2007

APE SH!T screening in Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films - August 23-29

APE SH!T has been officially selected to screen at the world famous (and highly prestigious) Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films!!!! How the hell did that happen? Who knows. Maybe the patron Saint of Scatology, Scatman Crothers had something to do with it.

Either way, we're fine with it. We're gonna try and send a delegation of SHIT-heads out to raise a ruckus. So wish us luck!

No details just yet. We pleased as punch to be screening in this world famous film fest. It's like the Sundance of short film fests!



July 7, 2007

dirty south APE SH!T - August 22-25

We just got word that APE SH!T will be screening in Atlanta as part of the Atlanta Underground Film Festival's Animation Attack!

We'll be screening on Saturday, August 25th at the Plaza Theater at 9PM.

So clean out your dirty south and get it all lubed up for some monkey-love! More info soon.


July 2, 2007

go APE SH!T at the Animation Block Party NYC! July 27-30

New York City 's most bad ass animation festival has selected APE SH!T to burn the roof off the joint on Saturday, July 28 at the Poineer Theater in good ol' NYC.

The screening information has just been released and we're headlining the Saturday night lineup!

check out the Animation Block Party Film Festival's full line up at:

ABP July 28th:

Animation Block Party's second night drops Saturday July 28th at the Pioneer Theater on East 3rd Street, between Avenues A and B (closer to A) in Manhattan, NY.

Buy Advance Tickets Here for July 28.

Pioneer evening screenings will run at 8:30, 10:15 and 12:00 midnight.

The after party will begin after the 10:15 screening ends at Julep at 9 Avenue A with Budweiser flowing courtesy of America's Finest News Source, The Onion, Inc.


March 12, 2007

APE SH!T goes all the way live!

Watch APE SH!T "Wahoo" now on


March 3, 2007

slap! waaaa! we made delivery!

We pushed hard! We pushed long! Veins in our neck and face throbbed! We nearly passed out as the blood rushed to our heads in the BIG final push... butt now, plop... we have given life!

Please send gifts... booze... contraband... weapons... heinous drugs... scantily cald vixens... and love... and lube... and nunchucks...

The lil' baby will be ready for viewing soon (see below for a sneak peek). The adoptive parents are getting the bells and whistles all lined up for the lil' guy's debut.

Speaking of adoptive parents, it looks like Madonna missed the boat on snagging this lil' African tree critter. The proud new parents of Albert and company are residing in a building on Williams Street in Atlanta , GA. You might be familiar with some of their work, as they are quite famous (just like Madonna!). They're the hooligans churning out such gems as the hilarious cartoons (and bomb threats) on [adult swim] on the Cartoon Network. But don't go flipping the clicker around looking for us on the boob tube just yet. Instead, click your boob on the mouse-clicker and aim that nipple for . Good ol' Super Deluxe is a new online comedy channel brought to you by the Williams Street team.

Check out the Intro here:



January 1, 2007

Here are some more Albert pics from the APE SH!T intro:


December 23, 2006

Okay, we're oficially in the animation phase. More info to come, but in the mean time, dig this awesome still frame from the APS SH!T intro:


November 25, 2006

Animatic Done and Done  

Holy crap-man, bat-bat! We done went and finished the animatic! For all you non-tech nerds, that means we have edited the dialogue, added sound effects, drawn and scanned the storyboards and timed them out to the audio track on the computer-thingy. So basically, the animatic is a slideshow of hilarious images (mostly still images with some crude animation here and there) married (non-gay-marriage, okay?) to the audio. It's sorta the rough cut of animation. And dude, it's pretty salty/sweet (like a Sasquatch's big vagina), which means it's funny lookin' or something.

We still gotta loop a line or loop a poop grunt or something, but we'll get to that.

This is another milestone for us. Next, we do the animation!

Please do not flush paper towels down the toilet,
-the Mgt.

~Team APE SH!T


November 21, 2006

Storyboards & Animatic

the storyboards are coming along nicely. Ryan Parker (APE SH!T #1 animator) and Bob Ray (writer/director) have been meeting up and doodling some storyboards and laughing their asses off. Hard work. Grueling, I tells ya.


November 16, 2006

Audio Edit Complete!

done. mostly. gonna add some sound effects and start work on the animatic now.


October 31, 2006

Voice Recording

We did the voice recording on Monday at fabulous Million Dollar Sound. Kurtis D is always a thrill to work with.

And… Holy shit! I'm sure glad I don't have cracked ribs right now, cuz the laughter would have killed me. Seriously serious funny shit. No lie.

The team we have assembled is freakin' amazing. On all fronts, this is top notch all the way. I can't imagine a better group of folks to be working with.

I smiled like a mule eating garlic all night. Gooood stuff.

Hope to be edited by the end of the week.


October 30, 2006

Table Read 2

We got the whole crew together and had a gut-busting fun read-through. It was cool to finally get the team together and have a good time and kick a lil work around.


October 28, 2006

Table Read

Holy crap! We had our first table read on Friday and I nearly crapped myself with laughter. I did pee my britches. I thought that was appropriate. But I sucked it up and held in the #2 as a courtesy to the actors in the room. Butt seriously, it was really really funny. We rehearsed four APE SH!T scripts: "Wa-Hoo," "Spring Break One Off," "Fart, Genie in the Bottle," and "Crime Machine."

Friday's read-through was with the key players (Maurice, John and Ryan H.). Everyone was cracking each other up. It was fantastic. We do a second rehearsal on Sunday with all the cast and crew and beer and pizza. Good times!

Stay tuned!


~Team APE SH!T


October 23, 2006

Casting is Complete!!!

So we've completed principal casting!!!

Here are the results:

Albert - Maurice Ripke

Bruce - Josh Mayner

McKoonahoon - Ryan Henessee

We have a few other folks we're gonna bring back for other roles, including: Michael Dalmon, Tim Murphy, Kelvin Girdy , Chad Holt and a few others.

We're gonna move into production very soon!


~Team APE SH!T


October 19, 2006

Casting SH!T Number 2

so we've cast two of the three principal roles. we have two more people we're gonna hear and then set it in stone. we're half past a monkey's crack on this mofo. more news soon!

~Team APE SH!T


October 11, 2006

Casting SH!T

hello ape-lovers,

we're getting the ball rolling on this lil project. we've had three casting sessions w/ casting agent extrodinaire Beth Sepko. we have some really great folks reading for the parts. i mean top-notch type mofos. it's gonna be a tough call cuz they so many good ones. i'll keep ya posted. hopefully we'll be completely cast by early next week.

~Team APE SH!T

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