In this pilot ape-isode, we meet Albert and company and watch as our little primate pal steals wine coolers, starts a nuclear war and screws over his roommate Bruce.

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Monkey in the Crime Machine
Albert invents a Crime Machine. A machine set to transport him to some of history's most awesomest crimes so he can score the loot and get all rich and stuff! Genius!

Spring Break One Off
Albert, McKoonahoon and Bruce are off to the beach for some good old American spring break debauchery. But they end up at a retirement home for swingers.

Fart, Genie in a Bottle
Albert inadvertently creates a, how do you say? Flatulence Fairy? No, no. A Fart Genie. That's right, Albert creates a Fart Genie and all sorts of rotten abuses of power follow. Talk about razing a stink.

Road Trip-Out
Albert, Bruce, McKoonahoon and Ralph set out on a killer road trip.

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