Albert is the original monkey shot into space. Somehow he got all smart and shit… like some space radiation from that Joan Allen radiation belt thing, man.

“But wait,” you counter (that's some lip you got there, buddy) “what about that old dead monkey in The National Air and Space Museum ? Wasn't he the first monkeynaut like the sign on the exhibit says?” Well that monkey was a patsy, see (and what a dupe you are for buying that load!). No lie. It's all a well orchestrated government cover-up designed to steal Albert's rightful glory. And Albert's pissed about the whole ordeal. Stick it to the man, Albert!

A year-of-the-monkey after the space flights, Albert wound up in an endless series of laboratory studies. Albert did all the cool and popular experiments: Agent Orange, Viagra, IUDs, porn… Albert lays claims to being the main monkey in every ground-breaking study in history.

Always trying to subvert the system and undermine the government, Albert spends his spare time plotting revenge and devising strategies to take over the world so he can rule with an iron monkey fist! Talk about a fuzzy little Napoleon complex.


Albert's room mate, a former Wisconsin cheese-head, attends the local community college. The nerd-star of his high school band, Bruce was that dude who waits around until the end of the song and then crashes the symbols together. He loves the 1812 Overture. Got some awesome symbol crashing in that one.

Plagued with identity crises, Bruce jumps from fad to fad trying to find himself somewhere in one of those hip trends the kids are into these days. For reasons to be revealed later, Bruce is forced to live with Albert and has grown to love, tolerate, and be co-dependent on the lil' a-hole.


McKoonahoon is the local 35 year old dude that works at the corner store/drive through beer barn, The Booze & Cruise. He loves the college chicks, always has the lowdown on the parties and can score you whatever you need, man. No shit. He's hooked up.

Sure, every time McKoonahoon scores you something it's pretty much bottom of the barrel quality, but he can get it man. Any time, any place. He also drives a beat up, but totally kick ass 1970 Plymouth Superbird.


Chupacabra is a stoner couch potato who lives in the bushes outside of Albert and Bruce’s apartment. He keeps the goat population in check.


Ralph's a bunny rabbit. Poor mofo's got four wooden legs cuz all his feet were sawed off and sold as lucky rabbit's-foot charms. On top of that, dude has makeup on his face like Tammy Faye Baker from a cosmetic lab experiment gone wrong.

So it's no duh that he's all super-macho and gravelly voiced, drinking and partying like a crusty sailor on whore leave.


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