College life can be a blast: keg parties, hot co-eds, human papillomavirus, monkey roommates... and finding yourself.

C-grade student Bruce is a recent Wisconsin transplant flailing his way through community college in Texas . Poor ol' Bruce suffers from a fierce identity crisis. Finally out there in the big, bad world, the guy just hastily jumps full-bore into any fad available. Bruce's roommate is a monkey on his back named Albert.

Albert has his own skeletons. First off, he's a monkey! Not just some average Joe-monkey though. Albert was the original monkey shot into space. After getting totally high, Albert was robbed of his celebrity and thrown into experimental laboratory enslavement. He was the monkey in every single high profile lab test ever done. Look it up if you don't believe me. LSD experiments? That was Albert. Cigarettes? Albert. Cocaine, Olean™, RU486? Albert. He was a regular rock star of the science community.

But now Albert's busted out and is living life on the lam! He's laying low in Bruce's attic and raising hell on the college campus. Albert manages to wreak havoc on both friend and foe in pursuit of his master plan of fame, danger, cheap thrills and revenge! He's a regular one monkey riot.

Oh yeah, APE SH!T is a hilarious animated series. But not for the kids.

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