"Hilariously subversive!”
~The Austin Chronicle

“Inventive and flat-out funny,
but definitely not for the squeamish!”

~Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films


APESH!T Road Trip part 1 of 2
"Butter Face"


A Uranus Flytrap, a Cleveland Steamer and '71 Superbird collide.

Find out why in part one of APESH!T Road Trip.


run time: 1:27.



APESH!T Road Trip part 2 of 2

How many peckers do you have?

Find out in part two of APESH!T Road Trip.

run time: 1:12




Albert used to be the prisoner of lab experiments and rocket tests. But that was before he escaped. Now this diapered chimp has turned to a life of poo-slinging, wine-cooler-drinking crime.

run time: 4:16


"Fart, Genie in a Bottle"


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